Tips To Make Money With Facebook Reels Feature

The Facebook reels feature is a short video of 60 seconds or less, including audio, music, and several other neat effects. In the short term, it can be said that Facebook reels are just like Instagram reels or TikTok, which lets its respective users create videos as they want to target their audience. Many social shops use reels Facebook for selling online (วิธีสร้างรายได้จาก Facebook reels, which is a term in thai) as it helps them achieve two of their targets, one being able to sell what they market. Another is expanding their reach, thereby gaining more profit.

Tips To Make Money With Facebook Reels

In many cases, using the right accounting software (โปรแกรมบัญชี, which is a term in thai) also helps elevate the engagement game for Facebook shops. Out of the wide variety of features available, below are some mentioned tactics for Facebook shop pages to make money with Facebook reels:

· Shoot Under A Fine Lighting

Shooting under fine lighting is crucial as it helps create a sharp, clear, and professional video clip. So, to avoid distracting the audience, it is advised to ditch those dull lighting and opt for very good lighting surrounding for an attractive Facebook reel.

· Introduce Tips And Tricks

Sellers can share a video demonstrating the working module of their product. Additionally, they can include some tips to let the audience have a solid picture of what the product is exactly about. They can use this tactic on their new launches as well.

· Show Some Behind-The-Scenes Clips

There’s no harm in being authentic when it comes to business. This is where the ‘behind-the-scenes clips’ ideas come to play. Try showing what happens when the business is off-camera. Some of the many ways to try this are creating a time-lapse video, showing a day in the work life, and more.

· Incorporate Transition

People like surprises, so try incorporating the same in Facebook reels by making transitional reels. The transitional type reels can be used for creating a before and after video of the products so that the viewers will have an idea of what they can expect from the service.


Many businesses use Facebook shop features to sell their products by advertising, sharing catalogs, creating a brand statement, and more. With smart and creative ideas, Facebook shops can attract more relevant audiences.

With the right tools, if the business Ids can make the most of the Facebook reel feature along with the rest of the features that Facebook offers, it will help target the right audience.

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