WhatsApp Recordkeeping: Compliance Tips for Businesses


A responsible business maintains compliance with all of its communication channels, from emails to instant messages (IM). One of the most widely used IM platforms today is WhatsApp – an application developed and managed by Meta, the same company that founded Facebook. 

WhatsApp recordkeeping is a requirement for businesses that use the instant messaging platform for their internal and external communications. Such practices prevent data privacy concerns and ensure compliance with related laws. This is especially important when collaborations like WhatsApp Microsoft Teams integration are becoming more common.

To keep your business away from legal trouble concerning WhatsApp, below are several compliance tips:

  1. Implement a Clear Policy

WhatsApp compliance begins with a clear and complete policy on how to use the platform properly. A WhatsApp policy should include what to do and not to do, prohibited messaging practices, and how to resolve any issues arising from irresponsible use. By implementing this policy across all departments, you reduce the risk of committing a violation.

After creating the policy, educate your staff about it. Let them undergo training and seminars on the importance of message compliance and what they must do to maintain it.

  1. Identify and Record all Authorized Users

Keeping a record of all personnel who use WhatsApp for official purposes lessens the chance of unauthorized access by unknown third parties. This makes monitoring easier, enabling the company to pinpoint unusual messaging activities that can put the business at risk.

Make it a habit to collect the contact information and names of all participants in the company’s official group chats and contact list regularly. Keeping this data up-to-date also makes it easier to preserve chats and streamline records.

  1. Use an Automated Archiver

Capturing and archiving messages in WhatsApp is one of the most effective recordkeeping methods you can use. However, the process of doing so can be challenging and time-consuming if accomplished manually, so look for companies that can provide you with trustworthy archiving software.

WhatsApp message archivers are automated systems that instantly capture, collect, and store all external and internal messages in a single database. This gives the business an organized and complete copy of all communications for legal and productive purposes, such as litigations or market research.

If you do not have an automated system in place, you are vulnerable to several risks to your company’s integrity, such as legal violations. To protect your business and maintain WhatsApp compliance, talk to LeapXpert – a leading provider of message archiving systems.

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