Free reverse number search sites and its alternatives in 2023

How to Do a Reverse Phone Number Lookup for Free

Online resources such as Free Reverse Phone Search can be utilized to obtain precise information on the phone number’s owner at no cost. You can use this simple and extremely simple application to pinpoint the precise identity of the person who keeps bothering you regularly. Here are a few free reverse number search online tools. Know more about carrier number lookup online

Instant Checkmate

With the use of this US-based search service tool, users can obtain complete personal information on a certain person by providing only their name and location. Its basic features include spam number detection and blocking. Using the user’s name and location, this program can investigate someone’s details.


Services like reverse phone number search, email search, address query, and people research are available with ZoSearch. You can obtain the information instantly and without any delay. Additional relevant telephone numbers and email contacts are available. For later use, you may additionally download the data.


One of the top global providers of open data about individuals and their relationships is Intelius. You will have access to current background information on a person with this tool. Additionally, it’s simple to look up someone’s criminal history. Users can use this tool to look up people by email address and name.


You can run a free background check on anyone who persistently bothers you using TruthFinder. Its user-friendly interface allows you to obtain identity information about an unexpected caller simply by typing their phone number. The data that is obtained can be stored as a PDF file.


With Truecaller, you may use a reverse phone lookup tool to find out basic information about an unknown caller. In addition to saving the data for later use, it also reports the red spam numbers. Even the free plan gives you access to all detailed information, including pictures and social media profiles.

Why is using phone number lookup tools beneficial?

  • Simple to use: To obtain basic information on an unknown caller, one just needs to input the phone number into the search box and hit Enter. It has an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Provides information: Users can obtain basic details about the unknown caller, such as the caller’s location and phone kind. You must upgrade to a premium account to receive a newer version of the app with more searches available.

Several alternatives to phone number lookup tools

  • Social Media

To find out if the phone number has been connected to any social media sites, try searching for it on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

  • Contact law enforcement

The best course of action for finding illegal calls or spammers is to approach police and law enforcement.

  • Use search engines

To do a reverse call lookup, you can utilize well-known search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Mozilla Firefox. To find out if there are any relevant reports online, type the phone number in the search box field.

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