Beyond the inbox – A close look at the features of inboxdollars

The highest-paying reward site, InboxDollars offers a lucrative opportunity to make money during your spare time. The platform boasts an extensive range of earning activities that deliver cash for the everyday things you do online. But, with so many features across the site and mobile apps, just what does InboxDollars offer? This InboxDollars review explores the key earning features that enable over 2 million members to get paid.


InboxDollars provides access to all kinds of surveys across categories like retail, travel, automotive, food, and more. Surveys take 5 to 25 minutes and pay between $0.75 to $30 each. While not every survey on the site pays, the platform provides your odds of qualifying before starting. InboxDollars sources survey from large panel providers. It ensures a healthy inventory of 4 to 7 fresh paid surveys daily. Members earn 25% to 35% of the payment that providers offer for each survey completion. So, if InboxDollars shows a $10 payout, they may have sourced a $30 survey and keep $20 while paying you the remainder. From sharing household shopping habits to test-driving vehicles, InboxDollars surveys offer an effortless way to share your opinion for cash.


If you prefer to make money playing games online, InboxDollars has you covered there too. The site provides exclusive access to hundreds of games spanning puzzle, action, strategy, casino, arcade genres, and more. Each game pays between 4 cents to $2. Most games only take a few minutes to complete while awarding cash, coins, or sweepstake entries for national contests.


InboxDollars allows you to earn money watching all types of entertaining videos too.

  • Sponsored videos – Get paid to watch commercials, movie trailers, and sponsored content from big brands and startups.
  • Get paid to watch commercials, movie trailers, and sponsored content from big brands and startups. News videos – Stay informed about current events around the world while earning.
  • Stay informed about current events around the world while earning. TV episode clips – Enjoy partial episodes of popular shows.
  • Enjoy partial episodes of popular shows. Music videos – Watch, listen, and earn with featured music videos.

Each video is a few minutes long and pays a few cents upfront. However, longer sponsored videos are worth over 50 cents. If you love watching videos online anyway, you may as well get rewarded!

Web searches

You even earn money by completing web searches through InboxDollars. Powered by Yahoo!, the platform pays a few cents for every web search query you perform. So, if you’re going to browse the internet anyway, you may as well earn search rewards simultaneously. The simplest way to earn is by reading sponsored emails from InboxDollars. These appear in your inbox just like any other email. You earn 11 cents for every sponsored message. For information on whether inboxdollars legit or scam, check online reviews, and forums, or get in touch with its customer support.

Referring friends  

Want to score some easy bonus cash? Refer your friends to join InboxDollars. For every friend that joins via your referral link, you’ll earn a $5 welcome bonus after they earn $5 themselves. With no limit, invite all your family, friends, coworkers, and social media connections. Posting your link on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks adds up too. It’s an effortless way to pad your earnings each month. Furthermore, members receive free samples, coupons, exclusive deals, and discounts. So, you save money while earning. InboxDollars also alerts you to local eateries and online brands offering deals for members only. From promo codes to percentage discounts, savings are plentiful.

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